Meet Dani

From the moment I stepped onto the yoga mat, I knew I had stumbled onto something pretty amazing. Not only was I able to find my way out of chronic pain and stress, I learned that this ancient practice offered much more than just creating shapes on the mat. It gave me respite, peace, overall health and well being from head to toe, and a way home through simple and powerful techniques found in traditional yoga, breath work, body psychology, mindfulness and meditation.  

Later I was introduced to Foundation Training, a program developed by Dr. Eric Goodman.  This program taught me how to stabilize the spine, re-balance my body and develop proper and functional movement patterns that literally changed how I move in life and in the world. 

Inspired by my mentors and teachers and grateful for the holistic benefits I was seeing and feeling in my own body, mind and heart, I chose to step out of the conventional business world and became certified to teach and share what I have learned (and am continuing to learn) with others.


These transformational practices have provided a frame work from which I operate in all my private sessions, classes, and in life.  My approach is rather eclectic, as I meet individuals where they are at in the moment.  There is no one-size fits all.

Bringing with me my own personal experience and faith in God, my intention is to offer support and encouragement to others.  The quality and experiential classes and workshops offered provide insight into movement, along with practical life applications, refreshment, empowerment and inspiration.  

Sharing the gift of movement is my passion, and time spent with others moving, breathing and just being brings me great joy.    

Jai Bhagwan 

(Victory to the Divine)

Let's make it happen

If you are ready to take that first step, let's chat. We can discuss your goals, specific needs, your dreams, and hopes for a healthier YOU.  All that is needed is a commitment to show up authentically. If you do that, you will see change...body, mind, and soul.  You'll discover amazing truths about who you really are and how you were meant to and fearless. 



Transformational Life Coach - RYT 500 - Amrit Method Yoga Therapist and Advanced Yoga Nidra Facilitator  - Foundation Training Instructor

REWIND Gold Yoga Instructor -  BOOTSTRAP ​Stress Specialist/Instructor 

 Yoga for PTSD  - RYT 200

We are in this together!

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