Why Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a safe and effective program created to address poor movement patterns that lead to common back pain and many other chronic ailments we commonly see today. 

The simple and transformative exercises used are designed to naturally strengthen

and restore balance and stability.

By focusing on decompressing the spine and retraining the body to move more efficiently and effectively, individuals learn to counteract the effects of our sit-centric society and are experiencing relief 

from pain.

Rather than relying on joints and ligaments,  people are taught to engage their larger muscles groups to propel movement and use gravity to their advantage. They become stronger and more confident. Not only do people feel better, they see improvement in performance and are engaging in daily and extracurricular activities they once thought were no longer possible.


Foundation Training is accessible and can be done anywhere and at anytime.  

Learn how to stand tall, use the body the way nature intended, and feel good.   

*No equipment necessary.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS AVAILABLE: Zoom, Skype, Face Time or Google Duo

Can't meet in person? No problem!  We can train and practice in the comfort of your own home no matter where you live.  I've got your back!


Relieve Pain. Optimize performance. Live your best life.

We are in this together!

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