What is Integral Breath Therapy

Integral Breath Therapy, developed by Carol Lampman.  focuses on the interconnection and unification of the body.  It is a natural, organic modality that is safe and simple to use and is a body centered process that works on multiple levels (body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit.) 


Integral Breath Therapy is a conscious approach to breathing and can cleanse, purify, and balance both body and mind.  It consists of a variety of circular and connected breathing techniques and is a key to the body's natural healing resources.  

Physical benefits

  • Releases toxins stored in the tissues of the body. 
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves digestion and reduces stress on liver and kidney.
  • Returns the body from an acidic system (breeding ground for disease) to an alkaline system (normal disease resistant state.) 
  • Supports the creation of new Neural-pathways in the brain 

  Emotional / Psychological Benefits 

  • Reduces emotional stress and provides relaxation and inner peace
  • Increases mental clarity and creativity
  • Expands awareness and a clearer understanding of self
  • Increases intimacy in relationships
  • Enhances libido in both sexes

Overall Health Benefits

Improper breathing has a negative affect on the body and can interfere with a person's well being on multiple levels and is said to be the cause of ill health.  Therefore, learning to regulate the breath is vital. When we gain understanding and breathe in a more full, complete and relaxed fashion, we move from a destructive state to a more productive and constructive state. As we balance the breath, we balance both mind and body.  

Private Sessions are Personal and Effective

In utilizing the breath, we are able to get to the underlying cause or root of physical symptoms and/or emotional issues.  One-on-one sessions offer you transformational potential along with personal and spiritual growth opportunities.  This modality can be used for stress management, self esteem,  self regulation and   emotional balancing.  

Within the structure, there is a focus on grounding, centering, clearing, opening, and understanding; and as varied and unique as people are, the experiences are too.  This is why each session is tailored to you and your needs each time we meet.  

*Private Sessions run from 75-90 minutes. 

Here's What One Client Has to Say...

During my sessions of Integral Breath Therapy, I was able to experience practical techniques for processing and releasing emotional energies that were causing pain in my body. Our sessions provided resolution, clarity, and peace. The practice of IBT has helped me with emotional regulation and has strengthened the connection to my inner child for self love and self acceptance.  ~Sara M

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